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Newsletters are emailed out to members on a semi-regular basis and are also made available via the facebook page for both members and non-members alike.  They are designed to keep members and prospective members informed as to the goings on of the Association as well as upcoming events.  If you are a member but are not receiving the emails in your inbox please contact us at so we can update your details.

22/12/2019 - December 2019 Newsletter
12/10/2019 - October 2019 Newsletter
16/07/2019 - July 2019 Newsletter - Agm Details and Stallion Ranking System
09/06/2019 - June 2019 Newsletter
10.02/2019 - 2019 Classification Tour
23/12/2018 - December 2018 Newsletter
07/11/2018 - November 2018 Newsletter