NZWA Membership

Register a Horse

The New Zealand Warmblood Association is approved by the FEI to issue passports.

All equines registered with the NZWA after July 1st 2019 will receive an international horse passport. 

The NZWA Horse Passport is a robust 40-page booklet that certifies the breeding and identity of your equine, issues it with an UELN (unique equine life number) and specifies the breed registry that your equine has been registered into (NZ Warmblood, NZ Warmblood Derivative, NZ Warmblood Pony, NZ Warmblood Pony Derivative).

The NZWA will not 'dual register' an equine.  In other words, we will not register an equine that has already been registered by another breed society.  However, mares and stallions from other warmblood stud registries may be approved or licensed into our STUDBOOKS.  Thereafter, their progeny may be registered as New Zealand Warmblood or NZWB Derivatives.

The passport is also a travel and bio-security document. It holds the ownership record, medication controls and vaccination history of your horse required for international travel. It can alert buyers that your horse is unsuitable for human food.

Subsequent studbook classification, ESNZ and sport registrations, height controls and competition information can also be recorded in the passport. It is an all-in-one lifetime document.

Registration / Passport Fees

Microchip identification is now a compulsory requirement for all horses prior to registration. Freeze branding with the NZWA brand / stud brand is optional.

  • $80.50 incl GST - Foals (under 1 year) out of Studbook Mares
  • $92.00 incl GST - Foals (under 1 year) out of Non-Studbook Mares
  • $115 Including GST - All horses over 1 year old 

Warmblood Derivatives are now the same price as Full Papered horses.

Upgrade your existing Registration Papers

  • Upgrade to the new NZWA Passport - $46 including GST

Note: This will require a vet to complete formal identification of your horse onto the passport's Horse ID form.

Other Forms and Fees