NZWA Horse Classification

NZWA Classification

What is Classification?

At three years of age registered mares and colts can undergo Classification Inspection and if they pass may be entered into the NZWA Studbook. This is an impartial and expert review of your horse's conformation and movement, and in the case of stallions, it's jumping technique. The results and feedback identify your horse's strengths and weaknesses. 

Classification elevates a horse from the NZWA Register into the NZWA Studbook. Classification also approves Tb, Arab and Anglo Arab breeding stock into the NZWA Studbook as Foundation horses. See the Breeder's Guide for information on Studbook Structure and the registration process.


 Classification Tour
February 14th-29th 2020

NZWA are pleased to announce Matthias Werner from Germany will be back to be the 2020 Tour Assessor

Apply now for your classification or licensing!

Why get your horse Classified?

In addition to finding out how your breeding program compare with Europe's best you can also win fabulous prizes!! Get your horses' birth registered with the NZWA now so they will be eligible for the next tour. 

Register your interest for the next classification tour now

The 2019 New Zealand Warmblood Tour was held in late March. The 2020 Tour dates are yet to be announced. Let us know if you have mares to be classified, foals or geldings to be inspected or if you have a stallion you would like to put forward for licensing.

Classification is a valuable tool for breeders

After a Classification, the feedback we get from many members is how great it is to discuss the merits of their horse with an overseas expert. Visiting assessors are able to provide an unbiased judgement and international comparison of the breeding stock in New Zealand to our members. The inspection feedback will be an invaluable tool in deciding the future direction of your breeding program.  

In addition, a high pass award of Merit (78-79.9%) or Excellence (80+%) may be awarded for exceptional animals.  If awarded, this mark, and an embossed award stamp, are included on studbook papers.