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SP Blue Eyed Ghost


NZWA Rating
  • 3 Star
Birth Year2007
Height (cm)168
BreedingBlue Eyed Dream GF / Nuget / Malteser Gold
Studbook of Birth
  • Other
Licensing DetailsLicensed NZWB March 2012, A Boekmann: 77.20% NZWA Principal Status in Sport
Approved For
  • NZWB
Country of BirthUSA
  • Dressage
  • Eventing
  • Show Jumping
  • Other
  • Fresh / Chilled
Stud Fee$2,200

SP Blue Eyed Ghost is a Cremello American Warmblood imported from the United States. He is approved  for the New Zealand Warmblood Studbook and was the Champion Stallion of 2012Classification Inspection Tour.

Ghost has a great temperament and is known for his rideability and versatility. He passes on his sweet loving temperament, beautiful markings and elevated straight movement to his progeny.

A Dual talented Double Dilute

He has competed in both dressage and showjumping and is showing great potential for both. Ghost is currently schooling at 1.35m with ease. 

Colour guaranteed

When bred to a chestnut, he'll produce palominos 100% of the time. When bred to a bay, the foal could be palomino or buckskin (or the rarer smoky black). As a Cremello, he'll always pass on one dilution gene, so color is guaranteed. Note, however, that when bred to a grey mare, the resulting foal could inherit the grey gene and turn grey. 

Ghosts pink skin and blue eyes are characteristics of the Cremello color. A Cremello has two dilution genes, which lighten the hair, skin, and eyes. Ghost will only pass on one cream gene to his offspring, so he will NOT reproduce pink skin or blue eyes when bred to non-dilute mares (chestnuts, bays, blacks). 

Chestnut = 100% Palomino foal
Black = Palomino, buckskin or rare smokey black.
Bay = Palomino, buckskin or rare smokey black
Grey = Depends on the colour of the mare when she was born. Foal will be grey, buckskin, palomino or smokey black.

**Please note that Ghost will not be bred with dilute mares
(Black, Bay, Chestnut and Grey mares only). 

Stud Master:
Hayley Shaw
PL Performance Horses
Mt Stalker



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