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Traumprinz GF

(IMP Germany)

NZWA Rating
  • 0 Star
Birth Year2014
Height (cm)169
BreedingTalisman GF / Sempatico M / Silclair B
Studbook of Birth
  • AES
Licensing DetailsLicensed with NZWA, Gerd Keust March 2018: 77.20%
Approved For
  • NZWB
Country of BirthGermany
  • Dressage
  • Show Jumping
  • Fresh / Chilled
Stud Fee$1,800

Traumprinz GF was Imported from Germany by Wembleybrook, December 2015 and is believed to have been the first Buckskin Tobiano - Pure Warmblood Stallion in Australasia.

This fabulous young horse offers bloodlines not readily available in NZ or Australia and all in a beautiful Buckskin Tobiano Pure Warmblood package. Colour tested Heterozygous for the Tobiano gene, giving opportunity to none colour enthusiast and colour enthusiasts alike the opportunity to own and in the future breed their hearts desire. A seriously unique opportunity.

Traumprinz has a fabulous personality, an exceptional brain, very eager to please and very quick to learn! A versatile stallion, with stunning presence, expressive well balanced and up hill paces see him suitable dressage horses, while his eager and capable form over a fence lends to his ability to produce quality jumping horses.

Traumprinz has 9 progeny on the ground to date:

  • 7 Tobianos - 4 Buckskin Tobiano, 3 Bay Tobiano
  • 2 Palominos of solid colour

Percentage of colour to date:

  • 77.7% tobiano offspring
  • 66.6% dilute offspring
  • 0% Solid non dilute

Contact :  Paul and Gloriann Mullen

Phone: Gloriann 

(064) 03 3253219 or

(064) 021 637 505 



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