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Kinnordy Gym Bello

(IMP Australia)

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Birth Year2001
Height (cm)167
BreedingGymnastic Star / Graf Landau / Silky Baby xx
Studbook of Birth
  • AUS WB
Licensing DetailsLicenced Studbook Kinnordy
Approved For
  • NZWB
Country of BirthAustralia
  • Dressage
  • Eventing
  • Show Jumping
  • Frozen
Stud Fee$0

Kinnordy Gym Bello hails from the famous ‘G’ line known for producing highly talented dual-purpose horses for both jumping and dressage competition.

Refined and athletic with superb uphill conformation, this modern stallion offers elastic movement and passes on his highly trainable attributes producing bold, willing trainable mounts.
Gym Bello has a fantastic temperament - he is extremely willing and intelligent, very people orientated and holds a calm sensible self-assuredness that sees him approach new situations or learning experiences with curiosity and confidence that makes him a pleasure to work with.

His sporty, short coupled, athletic conformation and excellent upstanding neckset sees him move with real elevation, elasticity and scope, and offer easy self carriage and engagement
While Gym Bello's pedigree holds tremendous jumping blood, this is often considered a requirement in producing the necessary elevation and athleticism for top level dressage performance, and his own movement certainly shows this.
Down the free-jump lane he shows keen atittude and smart jumping ability with great technique in front and behind - very clean, even and athletic with a lovely hind-leg trail out the back.

Indeed, the proof of any stallion is in the progeny he  produces.
Gym Bello's first select crop of 10 foals were born in 2004 - his injury not putting any dampener on his interest or ability for breeding! This very first crop made an immediate impression throughout New Zealand, winning Supreme Champions inhand as foals and young horses before coming out under  saddle to win Regional Dressage series, Young Dressage Horse classes and National titles in both Dressage and Showhunter - all from his first small crop during their first season   competing!

Now, with several crops of foals all under saddle and of competition age, the versatility, rideability and trainability of his offspring becomes more obvious as their successes in Dressage, Showhunter, Eventing, Showjumping and even Showing continue to grow as they collect more top National titles, Championships, Series wins, Young Dressage Horse and Young Event Horse titles, Horse Of Year titles, selection on National Training squads and countless other wins and placings to their name. The power of Gym Bello's famous bloodlines and stallion structured pedigree are living up to  expectations!
Gym Bello's progeny have been highly appraised by top riders, breeders and trainers from all disciplines and already include progeny exported overseas who have gone on to win in their chosen disciplines.
We continue to regulary receive emails and phonecalls from Gym Bello's progeny owners, breeders, trainers and people who are starting them under saddle, all describing their youngstock to have "amazing" and "outstanding" temperaments, not to mention being beautiful modern types with great movement and effortless scope for   jumping.

The Hanoverian "G" line, from which Gym Bello hails, has been extremely successful worldwide in producing Olympic and Grand Prix performance horses, particularly in the jumping disicplines. Famous names are too many to mention, but include the likes of the incredible showjumping stallions "Graf Top" - 2011 Hanoverian Stallion Of the Year, and "Goldfever" - 2010 Hanoverian Stallion Of The Year, plus "Grundstein" - USA Dressage legend plus many many more!
The 4 crosses of the highly influential Hanoverian sire Gotthard in the the 4th and 5th generations via both male and female, and the 3 crosses of the reknown stallion Wendekreis in the 4th and 5th generations via both males and females, plus combined with an injection of the world stallion sensation Cor De La Bryere, has provided Gym Bello with a power packed and dominant pedigree structure that sees him strongly stamp his offspring.
This Hanoverian power combined with a touch of the worldwide sought after "Bold Ruler" Thoroughbred bred via the Hanoverian licensed Thoroughbred stallion "Silky Baby" adds refinement and athleticism and also matches beautifully with Thoroughbred mares for eventing offspring.
Other important sires close-up in Gym Bello's pedigree include Genever, Ferdinand, Cor De La Bryere, Calypso II, Domspatz and Goetz - all of them responsible for producing at least one or more World Showjumping   Champions!

"GYMNASTIK STAR" Gym Bello's sire "Gymnastik Star" (by the prolific sire of amazing movement Gluckspilz), is a magnificent type who scored 123.23 in his performance test in Germany with S's and 9's for character and trainability, and, because of his breathtaking movement and rideability combined with his huge jumping ability, was elevated to Premium Stallion Class 1 Status with his results. As a stallion he has quickly become a star, producing very attractive, scopey foals, with the same amazing eyecatching movement, superb characters, trainability and jumping ability - all very
competitive and winning in dressage, showjumping and eventing competitions to Advanced levels.
Gymnastik Star is a VERY dominant, prepotent sire and his talented progeny are highly sought after by riders from all disciplines due to their superb allround versatility.
"GRAF LANDAU" Graf Landau was imported from Germany, he is a fully licensed and performance tested Hanoverian stallion with powerful elastic movement and outstanding jumping technique. Graf Landau is the sire of international representative performers in Grand Prix and World Cup showjumping and Advanced dressage, including: Australian Grand Prix/World Cup showjumping representative and 2006/07 Australian Showjumper Of The Year 'KS Genoa' - winner of the richest prize in Southern Hemisphere history to date, the $100,000 Olympic Cup at
NZ Horse Of Year show; plus Australian Hanoverian Advanced Dressage Horse of the Year "Remi Giselle", exciting exported gelding "Walk The Line" who has already had consecutive competition wins eventing with William Fox Pitt (UK Leading event rider) including 1st CCI**, and the Young Dressage Horse Supreme Champion 'Grunelius Legacy' to name just a few.
Graf Landau's influence adds terrific scope, athleticism and jumping ability, and when combined with the Gymnastik Star bloodline, this pedigree cross adding further crosses of the very important G and W lines, proving to be very competitive and multi-talented.
"GOTTHARD" An incredible sire of international showjumpers and has been described as .."the best producer of showjumpers in the world at his time". Some of his most highly regarded stallion sons include Gardestern, Genever and Goldstern - all featured in Gym Bello.
"CALYPSO II" - World famous son of Cor De La Bryere, sire of many very talented dressage and show jumping horses. One of the top stallions in his German stallion licensing due to his impressive type and all round abilities. Calypso II is highly regarded as a broodmare sire and features in many of the world's top stallions and sport performance progeny of today, especially jumping where they are reknown for their power and talent.

 "COR DE LA BRYERE" - World-acclaimed Selles Francis stallion known particularly   for his outstanding jumping style and supreme athletic ability. Accredited as being the most influential showjumping sire in modern breeding, sire of world class performance horses and stallion dynasties. 
"WENDEKREIS" - this stallion had a  very big influence during his years at stud in Germany. Regarded as one of the most influential stallions of the past few decades, well known as a producer of riding horses with excellent trainability, also highly regarded for producing very correct offspring, and a very popular sire of jumpers. Sired 35 approved stallions, incl. 19S2 Hanoverian Horse of the Year "Werther".
His legacy continues on through his many highly regarded sire sons, while also being a
wonderful broodmare sire, he is prized in many modern Hanoverian pedigrees around the world today.
"WERTHER" - Hanoverian Stallion of the Year in 1992 for his proven his ability to sire performance and breeding horses treasured for their athleticism, soundness, versatility and personality. Sire of many famous dressage horses and international showjumpers.
"GOLDSTERN" - A popular leading German Hanoverian sire of competition horses and approved stallion sons, known as a particularly good showjumping sire with over 35 Advanced showjumping progeny making Goldstern a leading sire of competition horses. Of his younger crops Glorieux, the Oldenburg champion stallion of 19S7, German Riding Horse champion of 19SS and reserve champion of the 19S9 stallion performance test, is without a doubt his most popular dressage descendant as well as the approved stallion Goldfurst who successfully competes in Grand Prix dressage in the USA.

"GLUCKSPILZ" An attractive dark brown Hanoverian stallion noted at his
German Stallion Licensing for his outstanding jumping ability and exceptional manner. Gluckspilz is VERY influential in adding incredible movement and elasticity to his own progeny as well as to offspring via his daughters.
Features strongly in the dam line of stallions, including the likes of the popular licensed German showjumping stallion Codex One.
"SILKY BABY" xx The upstanding Thoroughbred stallion "Silky Baby" was approved and licensed with the Hanoverian Society, offering Hanoverian breeders the chance to add a refining influence of the highly sought after "Bold Ruler" Thoroughbred blood to their breeding programmes which is so well regarded among eventing circles worldwide for athleticism, jumping ability and stamina. Silky Baby has produced some extremely talented Grand Prix showjumping horses and exciting eventers and in more recent times has become a valuable broodmare sire.
"GOLD SONG " A beautiful German imported Hanoverian mare by the famous Hanoverian sire 'Goldstern' who remains a well sought after sire in the bloodlines of today. She is the dam of Grand Prix showjumping stallion "Daly K" and female family of many top performed Hanoverian foals.
"GLUECKSTERN" Winner of his German stallion licensing.
Genever, Gotthard, Ferdinand, Cor De Le Bryere, Calypso II, Domspatz, Wendekreis and Goetz - all of these stallions are responsible for at least one or more World Showjumping Champions!!
Gym Bello offers you the direct link to these exciting, extremely successful and highly versatile bloodlines.

Stud Master:
Sue Fowler
Astek Stud Ltd
230 Manderville Road, R D 2, Kaiapoi, 7692
M:  027 222 5037



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