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In what is a first for the NZ Warmblood Association, it is now possible for Stallion Owners and Mare Owners to lodge their paperwork for semen collection and mare insemination on line.

Instead of waiting till the end of season to fill out and send in Service Certificates, stallion owners can fill out a quick form on their phone or laptop on the day the semen is sent (or at a later stage if need be).  This will trigger an email to the mare owner reminding them to do their own online form to confirm the semen was received and inseminated into the correct mare whose photos will need to be uploaded for identification purposes.

Mare owners are also able to fill out the insemination form whether or not the stallion owner has filled out their part - eg when frozen semen has been used or the stallion owner is waiting till later in the season to fill out their part of the form.

At the end of the breeding season the NZWA will be able to match up the mare insemination forms with the stallion collection forms and create a Certificate of Service at the Registrar's end as proof of the breeding.

This will negate the need for mare owners to be chasing up stallion owners for the Certificate of Service needed to register the foal and will mean stallion owners do not need to chase up mare owners in order to get the markings of the mares.

NB:  The old triplicate paper forms that are filled out by hand can still be used if the stallion owner does not want to use the electronic form.

Stallion Service Certificate

Mare Insemination Form